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Snow Plowing, Hauling & Shoveling

Snow Removal Services

How snow removal is performed.

Snow removal doesn’t just happen. It has to be planned so when those flurries begin to fall and collect on your parking lot, you’re ready for it. Whether it’s a couple of inches or a couple of feet, Brown Brothers can remove it for you.

There are many different ways to remove snow. Sometimes it requires de-icing; sometimes it requires a large truck; sometimes a shovel will suffice, especially for sidewalks.

We assess your parking lot prior to the first snows of the season, making note of any decorative concrete or landscapes. We chart fire hydrants and other important emergency hook-ups in order to keep them free and clear. Then we deploy exactly what’s needed to do the best cleanup.

  • Liquid de-icers are applied before bad weather hits.
  • Solid de-icers are applied directly to fallen snow.
  • Plowing commences as soon as there is accumulation.
  • Brown Brothers is fully equipped, with 50 one-ton trucks and ATVs fitted with plows.
  • Snow is the hauled away at night so as to keep the parking lot as clear as possible.

We also follow the weather so that we know when rain is going to turn to snow. Applying a de-icer when it’s raining does no good, so being amateur weather reporters helps.