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Asphalt Removal & Replacement

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How asphalt removal and replacement happens.

It’s possible that your pavement will eventually get to the point where repair is no longer possible. That’s when you need expert removal and replacement from Brown Brothers.

The shorthand for removal and replacement of your existing pavement as R & R. By first removing, Brown Brothers can identify subgrade issues. Once repaired, we replace with a high-quality surface that lets you reset the clock on your maintenance.

We start by demolishing, pulverizing and recycling your existing asphalt. What we recycle is used as a foundational base for your new asphalt. We correct subgrade or maintenance issues as necessary. If needed, base material like ABC or GSA will be added and compacted in order to help support your soon-to-be-new surface.

A tack coat is applied to saw-cut edges for proper adhesion between the existing asphalt and the new material. The area is then paved with up to three inches of new asphalt at a time and compacted using a vibratory roller. The area is swept to remove any remaining debris.

Standard options and materials include:

½” Mix Design: This mix is recommended for construction of new asphalt surfaces carrying a mix of traffic, but not heavy loads and stresses on a continuous basis. It offers a balance between pleasing aesthetics, durability, and wear/skid resistance.

¾” Mix Design: This mix, which has larger particles of aggregate than our ½” mix, is recommended for construction of new asphalt surfaces carrying heavy vehicle traffic or continuous heavy loads.

Aggregate Base Course: Serving as the supporting foundation for the top surface layers, this material may be made of newly quarried rock or recycled asphalt concrete.

The Brown Brothers quality promise customizes your paving project to meet any project specifications for a variety of traffic loads and conditions.