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Asphalt Overlay in Colorado

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The benefits of asphalt overlay.

When you notice cracks and crumbling in your parking lot, your first thought is ‘help.’ Your second thought should be Brown Brothers. We can help repair your parking lot before it needs to be replaced.

Like most everything, pavement gets old. It starts to crack and deteriorate. But that doesn’t mean you have to demolish it and start over. An overlay provides an alternative to extend the life of your parking lot. An overlay will make your asphalt look fresh and nearly new, smoothing away surface issues by adding a new layer of pavement on top of existing asphalt.

With the right paving thickness, an overlay can:

Improve the Look & Durability
An overlay can add up to 10-15 years of life to your pavement, and give a aged, greying surface a new appearance.

Deliver Better Traction & Safety
Asphalt overlays provide improved vehicle traction and reduce safety issues like trips and falls.

Lower the Cost of Maintenance
Overlays are cost effective when compared to a full removal and replacement.

An overlay also takes less time, minimizing downtime for your customers.