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Pavement Marking & Striping in Colorado

Parking Lot Striping Services

How marking and striping works.

Whether your parking lot is new or whether you’ve just resurfaced, Brown Brothers can provide the finishing touch.

To apply stripes, directional arrows, stenciled instructions, handicap symbols, fire curbing, loading zones, crosswalks, stop bars, and any other customized pavement markings, we start by making sure the surface is moisture and debris free. Then we outline the area requiring paint. We use both water-based and oil-based paint, depending on the season. Water-based is use in spring and summer while oil-based is used in the fall and winter.

Regardless of which one, our high-quality paint is applied using airless striping equipment that provides crisp, clean edges. We also ensure that the length and width of each mark is exact so that all lines are uniform.

Brown Brothers will even add any signage once the marks and stripes are complete.