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Speed Bumps, Signs, & Sweeping

Parking Lot Finishing Services

How do you finish your parking lot?

Brown Brothers provides sweeping services to keep your pavement looking sharp and to actively deter deterioration. We also do signs, speed bumps and even speed humps. What’s the difference?

Depending on your parking lot or property, you might require difference speed hindrances. Brown Brothers can provide what you need.

  • Speed bumps are abrupt raised areas, generally rounded in structure. They’re anywhere from 2 to 6 inches high, and are designed for comfortable speeds of about 5 miles per hour or less. We construct our speed bumps from asphalt.
  • Speed humps, which originated in England, are also rounded but tend to be longer and wider than speed bumps. They can appear circular and create a vehicle rocking motion aimed at keeping speeds between 15 and 20 miles per hour.
  • Speed cushions look like several speed humps with spaces between them.
  • Speed tables are flat-topped, rather than rounded, humps.

For the big finish, we complete utility adjustments, making sure markers like manhole or water covers are flush with the new surface. We take of adding reflectors and signs. All of this serves to make your parking lot ready for use. Drive, maneuver, park, enjoy. Because it's done.