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Concrete Repair in Colorado

Concrete Services

Commercial concrete repair experts.

Brown Brothers is Colorado’s reliable commercial concrete repair expert for foundations, slabs, sidewalks, walls, stairs, footers, piers, columns, curbs & gutters.
Colorado Concrete Repair

The freeze and thaw of one winter-summer cycle is enough to move and crack entire concrete slabs. Sunken concrete worsens each season, as the lower concrete slab collects water, resulting in soil erosion between and underneath the concrete slabs.

When concrete cracks, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed before they get worse. Because when they get worse, you’ll need replacement.

Brown Brothers uses numerous methods for the repair of cracks in foundations, such as Piering, Underpinning, Foundation Stabilization and Foundation Lifting. Due to the complex nature of these types of foundation problems, the correct repair is critical.

For sidewalks that are sunken or uneven, Brown Brothers can level the concrete, rather than tearing out and replacing it.