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Paver Installation

Brick Paving Services

Why choose pavers for your project.

Brick, concrete and pedestal pavers offer unique attributes that make them the superior choice for your surface and, with pedestals, rooftop.

Did you know that pavers often make for the best surface in commercial settings?That’s because pavers will hold more weight without cracking than just about anything else including concrete. Shipping ports all use pavers because of the sheer weight of each shipping container. While we don’t have to worry about ports in Colorado, it is useful to know that if your project requires a surface that can handle heavy loads, you have a superior option with brick and concrete pavers.

Pedestal pavers are used for elevated applications like roofing. They can be adjusted to level, are two feet square, and offer superior drainage.

Pavers are also very easy to replace should one become damaged. Simply pop it up and replace it.