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Paver Installation

Brick Paving Services

How pavers are installed.

There’s a reason that much of old Europe is still cobblestone streets and brick paved roads. It’s the drainage.

Once you’ve chosen the type and color of the paver you want, Brown Brothers gets to work. Our technicians walk the area, then scrape away any organic matter, and finally excavate as indicated by your engineer. In order to install road pavers, we require 8” of level base. Once that is achieved, we use recycled concrete and lay an inch of sand atop the base. Each paver is then set by hand. Once fully installed, sand is then forced between the joints in order to hold the pavers in place.

For rooftop pedestal pavers, we pull a string line in order to set the pavers along a clean, straight line. Each is adjusted by hand in order to meet any required height variance. They are set every two feet, and even though they weigh approximately 60 pounds each, they are an ideal roof top finish, especially for drainage.