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Asphalt Skin Patching in Colorado

Asphalt Repair Services

How asphalt skin patching is performed.

Brown Bothers can apply a skin patch to your existing surface so that it sticks perfectly, providing a viable and valuable option to keep your parking lot strong.

To perform an asphalt skin patch, Brown Brothers evaluates and performs any required maintenance to adjacent concrete surfaces. This allows for a seamless transition between concrete and asphalt pavement. Then we get to work, cleaning the area of debris and applying tack coat to the existing surface. This helps ensure proper “stickage.”

Once that’s in place, we apply new asphalt over the tack coat and compact it using a vibratory roller or vibra-tamping compactor. A skin patch is always placed atop the existing asphalt of your parking lot so the finished surface may be a bit higher. But Brown Brothers always works to blend in the edges for a seamless surface. We also clean the area again, sweeping it to remove an excess material.

Once the skin patch is complete, Brown Brothers can then perform any additional maintenance your parking lot requires, like sealing and striping.