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Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

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Safe, accessible parking lots are good for your health.

There are no stronger advocates for keeping people healthy than hospitals and other health care facilities. Inside their walls, people get the help they need. Outside, the last thing they want to worry about is the parking lot.

There is hardly a more important place to ensure the health of people coming into your building than the parking lot of your hospital or health care facility. It needs to have a smooth, even surface. It needs proper marking, especially when it comes to ambulance bays. Brown Brothers can provide everything you need.

Our experts can create a pavement maintenance plan that will keep your asphalt and concrete surface free from tripping hazards and debris. We can patch holes and fill cracks, and most of all, we can ensure that all finishing marks are up to code.

Here's how it works:

  • After walking your parking lot to assess current issues and potential future problems, we develop an action plan
  • The proposal we present will include both immediate needs and needs in 5 and 10 years 
  • We detail each step along with costs
  • We get to work

In other words, Brown Brothers can triage your parking lot, nurse it back to health, and discharge it in tip-top shape.